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Our Program

Our use of the Reggio Emilia-inspired  approach is an evolving, comprehensive philosophy based  on several guiding principles:


•Children are important collaborators and communicators
•Teachers are vital partners, nurturers, guides, and researchers
•A strong learning community:
    -Both children and adults engage in long-term, in-depth studies with

     opportunities to explore ideas through a variety of materials, timelines,

     and interests
    -A deep sense of belonging for the children, their families and the staff
    -A beautiful and functional learning environment that is seen and  used

     as the “third teacher”


Our Program offers:

  • Art

  • Music

  • Play-Based Learning

  • An Emergent Curriculum

  • An Inclusive Environment

  • Kindergarten Readiness

  • Half-Day and Full-Day Preschool Programming

  • Instructional activities based on developmentally sound early learning practices

  • Healthy, Freshly Prepared Meals

  • A Museum Membership free, with tuition

  • A 5-Star QRIS* rating

    *QRIS = Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement System.  The 5-Star rating is proof of excellence, speaks to the

     commitment of our teachers and staff, and ranks ours among the top early learning programs in the state! Learn more here >

The Museum Difference

The main campus of The Ivy School is housed inside, and operated by, The Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon, the second-largest children’s museum in Oregon! The set-up allows a symbiotic relationship to flourish between the two entities.  

The Children's Museum is a magical space where children learn about the world around them through imagination and play.  The museum’s exhibits and programs combine learning, creativity, family interaction, and community to build a foundation for future success.

Separately, The Ivy School and The Children's Museum are wonderful resources.  Together, they are exponentially better, allowing Ivy School students to engage in museum programs and take advantage of museum exhibits, all at no extra cost!  That’s because tuition to The Ivy School includes a school year membership to the museum!  

The Ivy School  is located
within the Children's Museum

413 W. Main Street
Medford OR 97501

(541) 494-0323

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