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Learning through play!

Learning Through Play
Our carefully crafted exhibits allows play that is essential to healthy development and lifelong learning and of course, maximum fun!

The Annex
Clay and Culinary Studio

The Annex sponsored by

Oregon Community Foundation

Teaching Kitchen sponsored by

AllCare, Inc.

The Annex provides opportunities for creativity through Clay Play and Culinary Studio programs. The Clay Play program is ideal for kids interested in learning about clay, while the Culinary Studio offers programs like Fun with Food to create unique dishes and memories with friends and family. The Annex also offers the opportunity to paint your own bisque ware. Visit The Annex for a fun and creative outlet.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure sponsored by

US Dept of Housing & Urban Development

Harris & Myrtle Dalbec Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Experience a diverse range of outdoor activities and attractions, such as a creek, acorn fort, amphitheater, musical instruments, gardens, tricycle track, sand play area, and much more!

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon Lyn's Little Learners

Lyn’s Little Learners

Designed for our littlest of guests, this area is perfect for ages 0-3. Here, they’ll be able to crawl, look, touch, and learn all through the power of play!

Sponsored by

Hennion Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon The Makery

The Makery


Looking for a fun and exciting place for your children to push the boundaries of what defines art? Then The Makery is for you! Applying the same learning philosophy as our award winning preschool (The Ivy School), The Makery is designed in a way that children will be able to guide their own learning and exploring! Did we mention that we have paint? Because we have plenty of it!

Tinker Bar

Have a little one that likes taking apart computers? What about building with LEGO bricks? Maybe they would like to try their hand at animation? The Tinker Bar is the place for you and your little builder! (Please note that Tinker Bar is not open in all hours of the day)

Sponsored by

Roundhouse Foundation

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon The Gathering Grove

The Gathering Grove

The home of a lot of our drop-in programs, The Gathering Grove is a wonderfully cozy learning space, where children can read, dance, and explore!

STEAM Forest

Our STEAM-powered Forest, as in Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, is a groundbreaking exhibit that comprises 4 main exhibits and several smaller interactive experiences.

Sponsored by The Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon The Water Lab

Water Lab

Come design a unique waterway! Complete with channels, dams, and a whole lot of water, our Water Lab is a one of a kind exhibit that allows children to explore water and the effects currents and blockages can have on its flow.

Sponsored by

JTMF Foundation

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon Wind Lab

Wind Lab

What better way to explore wind than with an entire wall outfitted with pipes, air blowers, and a bazillion scarves!

Sponsored by

Medford Women's Clinic

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon Sound Lab

The Sound Lab

We all know the importance of sensory exploration for early childhood. But sometimes, that exploration can be quite the racket! Our soundproofed acoustic booth is filled with all manner of household items repurposed into instruments, a perfect little test lab for your budding musical scientist! Oh, and don’t worry, we have headphones for your ear’s protection!

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon The Light Lab

The Light Lab

Come into the Light Lab for a surreal experience of colors and sounds! With the galaxy above you and lights all around you, the very walls of the exhibit become a testing ground for light-based learning! It’s like the 60’s again, but you’ll actually remember it.

The Carrico Family Foundation Grand Hall


The Carrico Family Foundation Grand Hall will encourage dramatic and explorative play, parent-child interaction, social-emotional development, problem solving and more. 

The Carrico Family Foundation Grand Hall presents the following exhibits:

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon Farm to Table

Farm To Table

Come along and follow every step of the Farm to Table chain! Start off with picking up some fruits and vegetables, then pack them up with our incredible multi-kid conveyor belt. Once your food is all packed, bring it to our store to sell, or bring it above the store, to our restaurant and make a play meal for your whole family!

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon

Safe + Sound Medical Center


Southern Oregon is known for its thriving and innovative medical community, and what better way to honor that than to have an entire exhibit exploring the ins and outs of the Medical field. Loaded up with a Mercy Flights Emergency Ambulance, a dental office, and a fully equipped nursery in the loft above, there will be plenty of opportunities to care for our community!

Dental Exhibit sponsored by

Central Point Dentistry

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon



Our enclosed Adventure Mountain will be the first thing your little ones will want to play with when walking upstairs! With unique climbing options, a beautiful artistic homage to the region’s gorgeous geographical features and plenty of padding, this exhibit is every little climber's dream! Oh, and be sure to say hi to our resident Sasquatch next door!

Climbing Wall sponsored by

Blum Family Foundation

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon The Lookout

The Lookout

Built from the ground up, this iconic structure honors the first female Fire Guard, Hallie Daggett. A pioneer of her time, she watched over many seasons in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Inside, you’ll find all the tools that real Fire Guards used, as well as some homey touches that Hallie Daggett might have added.

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon The Lumber Yard

The Lumber Yard


An important part of our region’s history, the lumber industry had a remarkable impact on Southern Oregon over the years. This Lumber Yard might be a *tad* different than ones that you might be familiar with. Here, children will be able to roll wood across our conveyor system, deliver lumber to the Train Yard, and, of course, build incredible block structures. Just make sure you have your hard hat and tool belt on!

The Lumber Yard  sponsored by

      DeArmond Family Foundation

and the

Carrico Family Foundation


Train Table sponsored by

Joe & Carol Neil

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue

Come help our stuffed animals at our Wildlife Rescue! Plenty of furry creatures need your help and we have just the place for it! Our Wildlife Rescue! Complete with little critter homes, rehabilitation obstacle courses and, of course, a slide for when you need to get out fast to help some more stuffed animals!

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