Safe Play Policy

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The health, safety, and comfort of our visitors is our first priority.

Maintaining a clean museum is paramount to our daily operations. In light of recent concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have implemented enhanced measures to protect you and your family. Our staff is closely adhering to recommendations and guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and Jackson County, as well as the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Procedures at the Children’s Museum:

Additional Cleaning Measures: ​We’ve increased the frequency of the Children's Museum already
robust sanitizing and disinfecting efforts. In addition to daily cleanings by our Museum Support
and Janitorial team, our staff wipe down high-touch surfaces throughout the museum with
sanitizer multiple times a day.

Soft Props​: As a preventative measure, we have reduced the number of soft props (pillows,
aprons, costumes, and fabric toys) on the museum floor. Remaining items will be washed daily,
adhering to standard cleaning protocols. If you see a prop in need of cleaning, please inform
one of our Museum Support team members.

Program Cancellations:​ In accordance with the CDC recommendation that all individuals
remain at least 3 feet from each other, close proximity programs (such as Master Builder Class)
have been suspended until further notice.

Restrooms:​ Public restrooms are sanitized and disinfected mid-day, again at night by our
janitorial staff, and spot cleaned multiple times daily.

Hand Sanitizing Stations​: Hand sanitizer dispensers are posted throughout the Museum. We
encourage guests to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the Museum.

Safety Guidelines for Museum Visitors​:

As is standard practice, Museum employees also continue to adhere to these guidelines.
● Stay home for your own safety and wellness, and that of all Museum visitors, if you or
your child is experiencing a cough, fever, shortness of breath, or flu-like symptoms.
● Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Dispose of the tissue.
● Wash hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer before/after eating, when
entering/exiting the Museum, after using the restroom, and after coughing/sneezing.
● Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
● Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Maintain at least 3 feet of space between
you and an ill person, or someone who is coughing or sneezing.

Museum Policy:

Animal Policy
We do not allow pets in the museum. Certified service animals are always welcome.

Unaccompanied Guest Policy
For the safety of our guests, we do not allow any children without adults, or adults without children. Children must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years old or older.

Weapons Policy

For the safety of our children, no weapons (including concealed guns, open carry guns, or air guns) are allowed.  The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon, a private, non-profit Children's Museum and Preschool, is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment.  This policy is a proactive step towards reducing risks associated with intentional or accidental use of weapons regardless of whether a federal or state license to possess the same has been issued to the possessor.  Anyone possessing a weapon will be asked to remove it from our premises immediately. Refusal to do so will be considered trespassing.  The only exception to this policy is law enforcement.

Safe Play Guidelines

  • Children need to stay with their grownup(s) at all times.

  • Please use inside voices and walking feet in the museum.

  • Please pick up after yourself before moving on to a new area and keep exhibit pieces inside the appropriate exhibit.

  • Gently use toys for their intended use.

  • Climbing is not for tables, chairs, walls, or exhibits. (Except on the rock wall in the Adventure Mountain.)

  • Please treat others as you would want to be treated.

  • Lynn's Little Learners Exhibit is designed for children 3 and under.

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